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Great Places Great Food Fantastic Orange County

Where to go on an Afternoon: This week:

Aloha Grill in Costa Mesa Newport Beach


This place has some Excellent Food ..great Indoor Outdoor atmosphere.

$1 Fish Taco’s from 4pm to 7pm is the very Best deal in OC …No Comparisons!! Anywhere.  Drink a RAINBOW and laugh..meet people and have a good time.

Look and ask for DougieFresh..I am there  late Friday afternoons for Fellowship!!

and a Coldie!!


OC’s Hottest Hair connection

Kittie Olivier in Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, Ca.

Kelly H at Kittie Olivier…is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!

I can’t tell you how many times her clients have told her that she has given them the best Cut and Color in Southern California. ..which basically means…ANYWHERE!!  

contact them at www.kittieolivier.com

This is not a Foo Foo ,” I am better than you” type salon. This place is Real. its fun and the people are soo cool

You should have Kelly H. do your Hair Styling.  Womens Cut and Color . Mens cut and Color. She does Brazillian Blowout and people just RAVE over her. 

I guarantee you will be happy. Guaranteed I SAY!!

Hair Salon with Someone that is actually VERY VERY GOOD

dealing with traffic in OC

Just as you are driving in Irvine, suddenly some lady wearing gloves and a sun hat almosts becomes one with the side of your car..your thinking…what the???
Well , she is wearing this gear so that she has limited vision and control of the vehicle…i mean, ..with a hat like that, pulled down on each side is the neo-version of blinders..and hey, its not like she has any concern for your well being. Just sayin…..keep an eye out ..especially in Irvine. Has the word Merge ..lost its meaning?

What areas do you find to be dangerous?